Judge Blocks Biden’s Proposed Guidelines for ICE

Texas judge blocks Biden's ICE guidelines

Biden’s guidelines for ICE officers

Former President Trump’s administration used every resource and tool at its disposal to narrow the alternatives available to immigrants residing in the US undocumented, that is, individuals who crossed the borders without prior authorization or who remained in the country after their visas expired.

To achieve this goal, the Trump administration expanded the scenarios in which ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) could detain and deport undocumented immigrants within the country, especially if they had committed or participated in any type of crime. It is important to explain that ICE is one of the branches of DHS (Department of Homeland Security) in charge of enforcing immigration law.

On January 20, 2021, when President Biden took office, his administration issued a memorandum, asking DHS to review ICE’s detention and deportation protocols and establish, to the extent possible, new parameters to optimize ICE’s resources.

Subsequent to this event, on February 18, ICE issued a memorandum explaining new guidelines and protocols when deporting undocumented immigrants, which were primarily focused on national security, border security and public safety. As a result, these guidelines substantially reduced deportation levels compared to the previous administration.

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Texas judge blocks Biden’s ICE guidelines

Earlier this year, the states of Louisiana and Texas filed a lawsuit challenging the Biden administration’s proposed guidelines for ICE officers, stating that offering amnesty to immigrants who participated in crimes, regardless of their severity, violates the US’ immigration law.

Federal judge for the Southern District of Texas, Drew Tipton, recently ruled in favor of the plaintiffs and blocked the guidelines and protocols established by Biden, which have substantially transformed ICE’s approach to undocumented immigrants since the beginning of the year.

The Texas judge (appointed by former President Trump) has already intervened in several immigration policies proposed by the current administration. For instance, earlier this year, Tipton blocked Biden’s moratorium on deportations, completely intercepting his administration’s immigration plans.

Adding to that, it is worth mentioning that Texas has been involved in many of the legal proceedings against the Biden administration’s immigration ideals, being one of the most insistent states on the idea of reimplementing restrictive policies used by the Trump administration.

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Follow legal processes and protect your future in the US

Although the current administration intends to ease certain restrictions on immigrants currently residing in the US undocumented, irregular migration will always be a controversial issue and naturally there is a portion of the population that supports strict policies when it comes to this kind of practice. Therefore, avoid precarious situations, follow expert advice and regular processes.

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