The importance of expanding legal immigration programs

The importance of expanding legal immigration programs

The US has always had a high flow of foreigners, who come to the country through different programs related to employment, study, family ties, humanitarian alternatives, inter alia. However, immigration levels have decreased substantially in recent years, especially under the Trump administration and after the massive outbreak of Coronavirus in the North American territory.

On the one hand, Trump’s restrictive policies increased eligibility requirements for foreigners to be able to come to the US and, on the other hand, the health crisis allowed his administration to significantly limit immigration in general and implement strict border policies.

After looking at historically low immigration numbers, especially from 2020, several investigations and studies have concluded that the US needs to improve the local immigration system as soon as possible to keep the economy afloat for decades to come.

In fact, the current situation is not only related to lower immigration levels, but also to a substantial decrease in the local birth rate and the American population density in the last decade, according to the 2020 National Census results.

Therefore, one of the main tools to boost the economy in times of crisis and balance the working-age population and the retirement-age population has always been legal immigration, especially business immigration-based programs, which are available to all kinds of populations, from highly skilled workers in fields such as science and technology, to inexperienced workers and farmers.

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Companies might move businesses to Canada if the US does not improve the immigration system

According to a recent survey of 500 hiring managers or HR professionals, there is a high percentage of American or US-based companies that plan to either move their businesses to Canada, or expand their businesses by opening new facilities in Canada.

Regarding immigration and talent from abroad, 31% of voters responded that the reason why they wanted to move their businesses to Canada is to be able to hire trained staff from abroad, that is, highly skilled workers. In fact, according to the survey report, “In the face of general U.S. unemployment decline, employers require high-skilled foreign national talent to fill vital roles at their organizations as the need for innovation and digitization become more important than ever”.

However, due to Trump’s restrictions and other repercussions caused by the global health emergency, there is a large backlog of immigration cases, so many companies have not been able to hire foreign workers when they need it most.

Therefore, one of the Biden administration’s priorities is to improve the immigration system to help local businesses hire employees from abroad when there are not enough trained local staff, and to be able to protect the economy with the help of the foreign workforce.

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