Immigration News Monday 22nd November 2021

Latest Immigration News 11/22/21

Latest Immigration News 11/22/21

Keeping you up to date with immigration news through our Blog Section is a priority for Motion Law’s team. However, our team also likes to learn about the most recent changes in local immigration policies so that we can guide you through your immigration journey in the US and prevent you from experiencing precarious situations.

Recently, we have noticed that, despite the surge of illegal border crossings, the local immigration system has improved substantially compared to what was happening under the Trump administration, which tried to restrict immigration by all means.

Therefore, we have realized that this is the right time for you to start your immigration process, always following regular parameters and legal guidelines established by the local immigration system. Contact Motion Law Immigration, schedule a FREE Consultation with our experienced attorneys, and learn about the options available for your particular case, regardless of whether it is your first time planning to come to the US or if you need to complete a pending case within the country.

Other than that, here is the immigration news recap for Monday, November 22, 2021:

Inaction on immigration might create national paralysis

The political battle surrounding the immigration sector generates inaction among congressional leaders, which delays the country’s ability to align its immigration system with the needs of the 21st century through comprehensive reform. To learn more about this news, click here.

Biden’s bill is the only way to enact immigration reform

Since Congress has not come this close to passing immigration reform since 1986, the possibility of restructuring the local immigration system would again be in limbo for a long time if the Senate does not support Biden’s social spending bill now. To learn more about this news, click here.

Biden is promoting the largest documentation program ever

According to a recent report by The Washington Post, Biden’s proposal to offer protection from deportation for up to 10 years for eligible undocumented immigrants is the largest documentation program in the US history. To learn more about this news, click here.

In other news…

Millions of foreigners are part of labor shortages

A recent report reveals that there are at least 2 million jobs in the US that should have been filled by foreign workers, who were unable to complete their processes due to restrictions implemented by the Trump administration. To learn more about this news, click here.

Senate might modify the spending bill

Immigration provisions included in Biden’s spending bill might face several changes under Senate review. To learn more about this news, click here.

Advocates call for more changes on immigration

Now that Biden’s budget package is facing Senate scrutiny, immigrant rights advocates across the country are calling for expanded immigration provisions. To learn more about this news, click here.

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