Immigration News Monday 19th September 2022

Latest Immigration News 09/19/22

Latest Immigration News 09/19/22

Immigration has always been a controversial topic in the US and, in fact, thousands of foreigners choose this country over others due to job opportunities and economic stability.

However, on many occasions, people who want to come to the country do not choose the right process for their particular case or send incomplete documentation, leading to the rejection of their immigration application.

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Other than that, here is the immigration news recap for Monday, September 19, 2022:

What are the benefits of Biden’s Public Charge Rule?

Biden’s Public Charge Rule specifies a set of parameters that are almost completely distant from the Trump administration, providing benefits for the most vulnerable immigrant communities. To learn more about this news, click here.

Biden pushes Mexico to receive more migrants

According to sources close to the discussions, the Biden administration is pressuring the Mexican government to receive more migrants from Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela. To learn more about this news, click here.

Senators call for immigration reform to protect health care system

Several Democratic senators are calling on Congress to pass immigration reform to address labor shortages, especially in the health care system. To learn more about this news, click here.

In other news…

Advocates call for changes on immigration

Immigrant rights advocates are calling for changes to TPS (Temporary Protected Status) designations. To learn more about this news, click here.

Time to talk about governors’ decisions

Experts in the field are condemning the decisions of certain Southern governors on immigration. To learn more about this news, click here.

Governors against the immigration system

Governors are calling for immigration reform. To learn more about this news, click here.

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