Biden Asks Mexico for Help in Handling Migration

Biden pushes Mexico to receive more migrants

Biden pushes Mexico to receive more migrants

According to sources close to the discussions, the Biden administration is pressuring the Mexican government to receive more migrants from Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela.

In fact, the Biden administration wants to continue to expel the vast majority of migrants apprehended in the border territory through Title 42, a healthcare measure that was implemented by the Trump administration in the midst of the global Coronavirus pandemic.

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Border situation out of control

The Biden administration is currently looking for alternatives to deal with a rather complicated border situation, with border encounter rates exceeding any number seen in history.

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Regional integration is the key

For experts in the field, Biden’s decision to engage other countries to address irregular migration is the most effective strategy as it is not just about local policies, but about understanding where mass migration is coming from or what its roots are.

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