Immigrants Are Also Part of the American Social Fabric

Expanding immigrant participation in local elections

Expanding immigrant participation in local elections

With the support of Mayor Eric Adams, a law was recently passed allowing Dreamers and other undocumented immigrant populations to participate in the local election process in New York.

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Reactions to the passage of the law

For some detractors, this law does not follow regular approval protocols, granting the undocumented immigrant population civil rights that should have been negotiated at the state level.

However, for those who support the measure, it is an opportunity to broaden democratic processes and propose policies that would allow more immigrants to access the exclusive benefits of legally recognized citizens.

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The importance of immigration in electoral processes

According to a recent publication by Kold New 13, immigrants without documentation account for 1 in 9 people living in New York, representing approximately 800,000 people.

Therefore, the number of immigrants who can participate with the passage of this law is a clear example of the significant role they play in the current socio-cultural context of the country.

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A proposal to expand pathways to legality

This is one of the local proposals that seeks to make visible the need for immigration reform that would allow many immigrants, who have lived for a considerable period of time in the US, to apply for processes to modify their immigration status and obtain permanent residency.

In fact, it is important to mention that a large percentage of undocumented immigrants are Dreamers, young people who arrived in the country when they were under 16 years old and are now of legal age.

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The social context vs. the political context

While it is recognized on a societal level that immigration plays a fundamental role in local and national dynamics, this recognition is not reflected in the policies that currently regulate it.

However, several political leaders recognize this need, and seek to put in place legislation that will allow immigrants who do not yet have documentation to have more routes to modify their legal status.

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