Senate Democrats Keep their Commitment on Immigration

Senate Democrats willing to scale back the Build Back Better agenda

Senate Democrats willing to scale back the Build Back Better agenda

Democratic representatives remain committed to expanding legal immigration pathways and possibly enacting comprehensive immigration reform, despite legislative setbacks.

Several senators such as Adriano Espaillat and Bob Menendez have expressed interest in proposing alternatives to the original version of the Build Back Better agenda to meet the proposals of the Biden administration’s immigration plan.

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Setbacks to the Build Back Better approval

So far, Biden’s spending bill has faced major challenges to be included within the budget reconciliation process.

Although the immigration proposals in the spending bill were initially approved by the House of Representatives, the Senate Parliamentarian stated that they did not have the proper provisions to be included in the budget package.

Subsequently, one of the members of the Democratic Party, Senator Joe Manchin, also decided to reject Biden’s proposal.

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Possible negotiation of a reduced version

This spending bill seeks to provide temporary or permanent legal alternatives to thousands of undocumented immigrants who work in the US in essential sectors covering basic services for the American population, but who do not yet have supporting laws to remain in the country.

For this reason, it remains a critical task for Senate Democrats to at least partially maintain the House-passed version of the bill and build on one of the core proposals of President Biden’s agenda.

In fact, Democratic leaders are keeping on the table the possibility of cutting spending from the original version of Build Back Better and working in the future to implement what passes in the Senate.

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Democratic Senators’ commitment

Democratic leaders’ strategies are tied to fulfilling Biden’s campaign promises to improve the lives of thousands of immigrants who are waiting for a change in local laws that will allow them to live legally in the US and continue to contribute to the socioeconomic development of the nation.

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