Hundreds of Minors from Different Nations Deported to Mexico

More than 200 immigrant minors deported to Mexico

The Trump administration’s response to the health emergency

The sudden arrival of the global Coronavirus pandemic in North America caused a crisis that goes beyond health. With this we refer to the fact that the country is currently going through an economic, social and political crisis.

In response to the threat to public health, President Donald Trump decided to implement emergency measures that are directly related to the immigration sector, which unleashed a wave of discontent among the American population because his administration has always wanted to reduce immigration. Therefore, dozens of activists say that the Trump administration is using the health crisis as an excuse to fulfill its immigration ideals.

One of the most alarming situations during the massive COVID-19 outbreak in the US are expedited deportations of immigrants, including unaccompanied minors, who arrive at the borders to request political asylum or refuge to save their lives from persecution, violence, threat or war of their countries.

The Trump administration did not allow the entry of immigrants during the health crisis, which clearly caught the attention of immigrant rights advocates, humanitarian organizations and critics, who claim that these immigrant communities need international protection now more than ever.

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Hundreds of immigrant minors deported to Mexico

The health emergency allowed the Trump administration to evade multiple deportation and immigration protocols established by the US law. However, details and information about what actually happened at the borders are slowly coming to light and the current administration faces multiple legal processes for making decisions without public consent.

One of the most alarming news was reported a couple of days ago by The New York Times, which states that more than 200 unaccompanied immigrant minors of different nationalities have been deported to Mexico during the last eight months. These children come mainly from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala and most do not have relatives in Mexico, which puts their integrity and well-being at risk.

It is important to clarify that the US has an agreement with Mexico, which allows border forces to send immigrants to Mexico while they receive a response to their requests. However, the agreement clearly states: “In the interest of protecting vulnerable people, minors, seniors, among others are not accepted.

Therefore, one of the most alarming aspects of this news is that the Trump administration, in an attempt to reduce immigration during the current juncture, is violating an international agreement, which could lead to serious legal inconveniences, and endangering the life of immigrant minors in need of international protection.

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