House of Representatives Approves Biden’s Budget Proposal

House passes Biden's 2022 budget package

Biden’s 2022 Budget Blueprint

In early August, the Biden administration released a budget package for 2022, which includes approximately $3.5 trillion to be invested in all sorts of sectors. This move by the current administration comes in the midst of a huge national debate related to the global Coronavirus pandemic, the unemployment rate and the surge of illegal border crossings.

The Biden administration plans to implement this budget resolution through the reconciliation process, which allows it to circumvent the Republican filibuster by getting only 51 votes in the Senate, the upper chamber of Congress, instead of 60.

Within Biden’s budget package is an immigration section, which has generated controversy, debate and uncertainty among certain members of Congress. The current administration plans to spend about $107 billion to open a path to legal permanent residence for eligible foreigners and improve border protection methods.

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House passes Biden’s 2022 budget package

On Tuesday, August 24, the US House of Representatives passed Biden’s 2022 budget package with 220 Democratic votes and 212 Republican votes, which could have a major impact on sectors such as education, health care, the national economy, taxes and immigration.

Now, after House intervention, Biden’s budget blueprint could pass the Senate through the reconciliation process without Republican support, as long as all members of the Democratic caucus approve it.

This is a tremendous breakthrough for the Biden administration, which has faced an unprecedented series of challenges since January 2021, delaying and affecting its plans regarding multiple sectors, including immigration.

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What does this mean for the immigration sector?

It is well known that the Biden administration supports immigrant communities in general and has always emphasized the need to open a path to legalization for immigrants residing in the US undocumented, especially when it comes to young people known as Dreamers (who came to the country as minors), undocumented farmworkers and other essential workers.

However, Biden and his team have not been able to make as much progress as they would like on the immigration system and the path to citizenship due to the current border situation and the intervention of several opposition groups and certain Republican leaders.

Therefore, the fact that the House has passed Biden’s budget package means that his administration will likely be able to open a path to legal residency for millions of undocumented immigrants, which has always been a major goal of his administration.

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