Doctors might face deportation if they lose their jobs

The global pandemic brought multiple changes

The massive outbreak of Coronavirus in the North American territory was abrupt and sudden. In fact, the US is still one of the main epicenters of the global pandemic.

This means that the number of people infected with Coronavirus in the country has grown exponentially during the last two months and this has affected several sectors of our society.

For instance, the immigration sector has suffered the consequences of the emergency measures and restrictions recently implemented by the Trump government.

In fact, even healthcare workers fear facing deportation for failing to comply with immigration requirements.

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Work visas in the midst of the global pandemic

The US is a country known internationally for receiving thousands of foreign workers annually. It is the destination of specialized foreigners who greatly contribute to the socioeconomic development of the country.

Currently, applications for work visas are suspended. The latest presidential proclamation states that applications for work visas will be received again until 2021.

With this emergency measure, the Trump government aims to:

  • Offer available jobs only to the local population and thus be able to decrease the current unemployment rate.
  • Safeguard essential resources to overcome the current crisis.
  • Protect the wages of American citizens.

However, for foreigners currently residing in the country with a legal work permit, there are certain requirements that they must meet in order to remain in the US.

These requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • Work a specific amount of hours per week depending on the requirements of the local company that hired the foreign worker.
  • Remain active in employment during their stay in the US.
    However, there are some benefits that qualified foreign workers can obtain if they lose their job while residing in the country.
  • Be properly trained to occupy the job position to which they applied.

Nowadays, with the global Coronavirus pandemic, skilled foreigners fear losing their jobs and being deported because they may not be able to find another employer in the midst of the current economic crisis.

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Health workers fear deportation

The heroes of our time are without a doubt doctors, nurses and researchers. They are the front line in the battle against the COVID-19. They even risk their lives to protect the health of the local population and save as many people as possible.

The US greatly benefits from foreign health workers who are currently holding a legal work permit.

They also have the possibility of bringing their families to the country through their work visas. Now, the circumstances of the pandemic have brought several concerns for them:

  • If health workers catch the COVID-19, they will have to be in mandatory isolation for at least 14 days.
    This could affect their residence permits as they must be actively working in order to remain in the US.
  • If health workers bring their families through their work visas and then lose their jobs, their families could face deportation proceedings.

Thus, apart from the health threat they face on a daily basis, they now fear deportation of their families.

Multiple activists have asked the Trump government to offer protection or benefits to foreign health workers amid the current health crisis.

However, the current administration of the US has yet to give any official response to this request.

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