Group of experts comments about positive impact of immigration

Group of experts comments about positive impact of immigration

The Niskanen Center is a non-partisan organization that proposes and promotes policies, laws and norms for a society open to change and transformation. This organization has conducted several investigations regarding the US immigration system.

In fact, on November 19, 2020, the Niskanen Center released a series of essays called “Redefining Immigration Reform: How Immigration Supports American Ideals.” Experts involved in this research assure that the population must drive and promote immigration reform as soon as possible since the presence of immigrants is a source of economic, technological and scientific growth.

The Niskanen experts state that “immigration yields economic and social benefits for the United States. It is also one of the best global anti-poverty policies.” Therefore, in the essay, they mention several aspects of the current immigration system that have a direct impact on the socioeconomic development of the country.

Adding to that, it is important to remember that the American population elected Joe Biden as the nation’s next leader and experts propose an immigration reform that will transform existing policies over the next four years to prevent the US from losing international talent and innovation due to unwelcoming ideals.

The main research topics

The Niskanen experts mention several important issues in the immigration sector. This includes, but is not limited to:

1. The importance of business immigration

The essay exposes repercussions of reducing business immigration, primarily H-1B visas for highly skilled foreign workers. They are essential for the US to overcome the crisis brought by the global Coronavirus pandemic.

Indeed, experts state: “we know this population sector is key to sustained job growth and creation.” Therefore, they propose a reform of the business immigration processes, so that the country continues to attract foreign talent, without affecting the well-being of the American population.

It is imperative to clarify that experts propose this immigration reform in order not to lose foreign talent, but, at the same time, protect American workers.

2. International students and entrepreneurs

Experts state that “International students and immigrant entrepreneurs help fuel America’s innovation economy. Creating new visa programs—as well as reforming existing programs— can assure that our immigration program supports entrepreneurs creating jobs in America.”

That is why they propose to offer more alternatives to foreign students such as visas for entrepreneurs and work permits for newly graduates. In their view, this would boost the economy by creating more jobs for the local population.

3. Humanitarian programs and border policies

Experts also evaluate and analyze possibilities to improve the current situation at the borders of the US, the separation of immigrant families and the diversity visa lottery program.

They also propose alternatives to protect the integrity and well-being of unaccompanied immigrant minors, who arrive at the borders to request international protection through humanitarian programs.

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