Essay analyzes the possibility of dismantling Trump's immigration policies

Trump’s immigration ideals draw the attention of dozens of experts and critics

The stance of the current president of the US, Donald Trump, and his cabinet is quite strict when it comes to immigration, both legal and illegal. That is why his government has implemented hundreds of changes in the immigration system, which substantially transformed existing processes.

These changes undoubtedly drew the attention of hundreds of activists, immigrant rights advocates, critics and experts, who state that the Trump administration is abusing the judicial system and violating human rights of the most vulnerable immigrant communities in order to comply with its immigration goals and agenda.

They denounce the way the Trump administration used its power to curb immigration, including legal processes. It is important to clarify that the reason why activists and experts criticize Trump’s methods is because his policies have increased and encouraged:

  • Express deportations in the midst of the health crisis caused by the Coronavirus, including unaccompanied minors, which contradicts the US law.
  • The separation of immigrant families at the borders. This problem exacerbated after Trump implemented the so-called “Zero Tolerance Policy.”
  • Lack of space, hygiene and health protocols in immigration detention centers across the US, which increases the health risk.
  • Thousands of asylum seekers currently live in Mexico, under Trump’s immigration policy Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP). They go through adverse situations in dangerous cities in Mexico and are at the mercy of local gangs.

Thus, due to repercussions of Trump’s policies, there is currently a gigantic social controversy in the US, which was unleashed mainly after the sudden arrival of the global Coronavirus pandemic.

Essay analyzes the possibility of dismantling Trump’s immigration policies

On Thursday, November 19, 2020, Southern California Public Radio (SCPR) published an essay called “Can Trump’s ‘Invisible Wall’ Of Immigration Policies Be Dismantled?”

Broadly speaking, the host interviewed several experts on immigration issues, who talk about changes and abrupt policies of the Trump administration on the immigration sector. They comment on:

  • Muslim ban.
  • Changes in family-based immigration processes.
  • Changes in employment-based immigration processes.
  • Path to US citizenship.
  • Current policies and restrictions to apply for political asylum or refuge.

Adding to that, aside from commenting on the Trump administration’s immigration policies, they also mention viable options for President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President Harris to improve and rebuild a broken immigration system.

In fact, they state that “his administration is expected to begin dismantling much of President Trump’s immigration policies.” Therefore, they propose a series of alternatives that could help the Biden administration fulfill its promises and satisfy the voters’ expectation regarding immigration.

It is imperative to clarify that the Trump administration has always referred to immigration as something negative, which threatens the American economy and public safety. On the contrary, the Biden government refers to immigration as something positive for the socioeconomic development of the US and that is why the local population has great expectations with his administration.

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