Expert: The US Will Lose Millions Without Immigration Reform

Expert comments on the need to pass immigration reform

Immigration reform includes essential workers

Like former President Trump, President Biden has the ambitious goal of restructuring the local immigration system from its roots, but from a diametrically opposed perspective. Unlike Trump, Biden intends to expand certain immigration options and welcome international talent.

That is why the Biden administration, since January 2021, has focused heavily on promoting comprehensive immigration reform, which would not be possible without congressional support.

This immigration reform proposes, among many other things, to transform several existing programs to simplify legal immigration routes and allow foreigners to access a fair and orderly immigration system.

In addition, the Biden administration proposes to open a path to legalization for millions of immigrants residing in the US undocumented, especially essential foreign workers.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • So-called Dreamers, who are young immigrants who came to the US as minors.
  • Beneficiaries of TPS (Temporary Protected Status) or DED (Deferred Enforced Departure), two deportation relief programs.
  • Undocumented farmworkers.

Naturally, because this proposal involves offering amnesty to undocumented immigrants, it has sparked a huge controversy among the American population.

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Expert comments on the need to pass immigration reform

Comprehensive immigration reform has also caught the attention of critics and experts on the subject, who have raised their voices and given their opinions regarding the idea of legalizing millions of undocumented immigrants.

Such is the case of Mike Fernandez, the chairman of MBF Healthcare Partners (a private investment firm in the healthcare sector), who recently commented on the importance of Congress passing immigration reform to stimulate the national economy.

Fernandez, who came to the US as a child and even worked cleaning monkey cages, openly states that many immigrants like him dream of being able to build a promising future in the US and usually start businesses that create jobs for the local population and promote multicultural inclusion.

He openly declares, “If Congress joins with us and passes immigration reform, we are going to build the greatest economy — with the most freedom and opportunity — that this country has ever seen”.

It is worth mentioning that Fernandez is not the only expert who has commented on the imperative need to pass comprehensive immigration reform. In fact, in one of our most recent articles we discussed the opinions of several experts across the US, who have also urged the Biden administration and Congress to support immigration overhaul.

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