Deported Mexicans yearn for alternatives to return to the US

New government plans to restructure the immigration system

It is no secret that the Trump administration has focused heavily on reducing immigration for the past four years. With this, we refer not only to illegal immigration, but his government also implemented hundreds of changes and policies that substantially restrict legal immigration processes.

However, despite the fact that President Donald Trump was seeking re-election in the presidential elections of November 3, 2020, candidate Joe Biden, who belongs to the Democratic political party, took the victory. He will be the 46th president of the US, will take office in early 2021 and has a different view when it comes to immigration.

Biden argues that the way in which President Trump handled immigration before, during and after the arrival of the global Coronavirus pandemic, has tremendously affected vulnerable immigrant communities, unaccompanied minors, highly skilled foreign workers, local businesses and the development of the economy.

The president-elect states that immigration is a benefit to the US and that, thanks to the work of millions of foreigners, together with local workers, the country continues to be a world power in important sectors of the global market such as science, technology, research, engineering, inter alia.

Therefore, the Biden administration plans to restructure the immigration system and revoke Trump’s policies during his first few months. In fact, Biden also plans to freeze deportations, for at least 100 days, in order to implement new protocols for deportation proceedings and determine the role and power of border forces to detain and expel undocumented immigrants.

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Deported Mexicans yearn for alternatives to return to the US

Hundreds of immigrants deported from the US to Mexico during the term of President Donald Trump hope to have new possibilities and ways to apply for a legal entry or residence permit after Joe Biden takes office.

Many of them had legal permits that expired when they were deported. Some of them were also covered by Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), an immigration program that offers protection to immigrants who came to the US without legal documentation when they were minors.

However, they are also aware that the Biden administration could have difficulties along the way because a part of the American population does not agree with its immigration ideals and may have to face legal battles in order to carry out some of its immigration proposals.

In fact, an immigrant deported to Mexico states: “I honestly don’t think Biden will stop the deportations (…) But what I do hope is that this administration will be fair about who it deports and how it does it.”

Avoid illegal immigration and contact professionals

There are many reasons why immigrants might decide to cross the borders of the US without prior authorization. On many occasions it is due to lack of information and reliable sources.

Thus, we recommend for you to seek reliable help when starting an immigration journey in the US. The local immigration system is quite extensive and offers multiple alternatives that could suit your current needs.

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