Democrats Face Challenges Over Senate Parliamentary Ruling

Growing tension after Senate Parliamentarian's ruling

Growing tension after Senate Parliamentarian’s ruling

Following the decision of the Senate Parliamentarian, who rejected the possibility of including immigration reform in Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, hundreds of undocumented immigrants are now in limbo.

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Benefits included in the rejected proposal

This attempt by Democratic leaders, which is the third attempt to include immigration reform in Biden’s spending bill, would allow about 7 million undocumented immigrants to obtain temporary legal status.

The proposal that was rejected last December 16 sought to open a path for hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrant workers, who have been living in the US since before 2010, to remain and work in the country for 5 to 10 years without legal repercussions.

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Legal limbo for undocumented immigrants and their families

This was, according to some Democratic leaders, the greatest and possibly only opportunity in years to generate substantive immigration reform that would provide a real alternative for many undocumented immigrants living in constant stress. For instance:

  • Mixed-status families, composed of American citizen children and at least one undocumented parent, will still have to live in constant fear of deportation.
  • Beneficiaries of programs such as DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) or TPS (Temporary Protected Status) will not have extended guarantees to remain in the US after the expiration of these temporary benefits.
  • Despite having an immediate family member who is an American, immigrants won’t be able to obtain a Green Card until they have been admitted or have parole status.

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Democrats are running out of options to accomplish their immigration proposals

Given that the mid-term elections will take place in 2022 and, as of now, most national polls show that the Republican Party is likely to win the most seats in the House of Representatives, there may not be another close opportunity for similar immigration reform, coupled with the low likelihood of generating a bipartisan alliance or bypassing the Senate Parliamentarian’s ruling.

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