Border Changes Needed for Immigration Reform

No immigration reform without fixing the border first

No immigration reform without fixing the border first

Comprehensive immigration reform has been stalled in Congress for decades, and the current border situation significantly diminishes the chances that it will happen during the Biden administration.

In fact, although Biden and his team have tried to push comprehensive immigration reform through Congress by every means possible, from ambitious proposals to separate pieces of legislation, he has not made much progress on this controversial sector, and that is undoubtedly due primarily to the border situation and the high rates of irregular migration.

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The argument of dozens of political leaders

Members of both the House and Senate argue that they do not plan to support any immigration reform proposal unless there is significant improvement in the borderlands. That is, the ideal of promoting immigration reform could be stalled until irregular migration numbers decline, and even then it would be uncertain.

To give a specific example, the House of Representatives speaker recently stated, “The first thing to do is to secure the border before immigration reform.”

For their part, experts on the issue state that putting the pressure to resolve the border situation on the US government, whatever it may be, is not a realistic request since there are dozens of reasons why migrants leave their homes in search of better opportunities in the northern part of the continent, which have nothing to do with local policies.

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