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Prominent changes on the immigration system

Prominent changes on the immigration system

Whenever there is a change of administrations in the US, the local immigration system usually goes through a series of changes, often quite radical, that substantially transform certain existing processes and the government’s approach to the immigration sector.

However, this time is different and it is more evident that the last two administrations have had a diametrically opposite view when it comes to immigration in general. This is because, on the one hand, former President Donald Trump’s administration had a rather restrictive and strict stance regarding foreign communities, especially undocumented immigrants. Thus, his administration tried to narrow and restrict alternatives available to immigrant populations in the US, hindering processes and increasing eligibility requirements.

On the other hand, current President Joe Biden (who took office on January 20, 2021) has a rather welcoming stance on immigration and openly states that the presence of foreigners is an advantage for the US’ international competitiveness.

Therefore, what has happened since the beginning of 2021 is that the Biden administration has removed multiple restrictive policies implemented by the Trump administration on the immigration system and is now trying to expand most existing processes and promote comprehensive immigration overhaul in Congress. This series of actions and decisions by Biden make the immigration system go through quite remarkable changes.

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Why is it important to follow the advice of experts on immigration matters?

There are many reasons why following expert advice is essential during your immigration journey in the US. However, it is quite evident that:

  • The global Coronavirus pandemic affected international transit and reduced immigration levels across the world. Therefore, now that most immigration processes are returning to normal, it is important to learn about recent changes to local immigration policies.
  • The Trump administration made hundreds of changes to immigration processes through all kinds of executive actions. Many of these changes affect small portions of certain immigration processes, and therefore it is important to follow the advice of experts who know and understand the local immigration system.
  • Now that the Biden administration is also transforming the immigration system, many processes are changing again, even slightly, and it is best to follow professional guidance.
  • In general, the immigration sector tends to change regularly and periodically thanks to multiple influencing factors. Therefore, before making a hasty decision, it is best to know the opinion of experts.

As one might realize, there are multiple reasons why it is important to have the constant accompaniment of experts during your immigration process, but one of the most important is undoubtedly to be able to fulfill your goals, objectives and dreams in the US.

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