Are the Situation at the Borders and the Refugee Limit Related?

Why did the Biden administration postpone the decision on the refugee limit?

The Biden administration to increase refugee cap in May

The Biden administration recently announced that it will keep the refugee limit set by the Trump administration for fiscal year 2021 (October-September) until May. To understand the issue at hand, it is important to clarify two facts:

  • Former President Trump set the lowest refugee limit in recent US history, a total of 15,000 refugees for fiscal year 2021.
  • President Biden promised in February, and even before taking office, to raise the refugee limit for fiscal year 2021 to 62,500. Adding to that, the Biden administration plans to increase the refugee cap over the next four years to 125,000, which would be the highest number of refugees admitted to the US in recent history.

This news caught the attention of critics, activists, and immigrant rights advocates, who are asking the Biden administration for answers about why it has not raised the refugee limit for fiscal year 2021.

It is also important to clarify that, despite the fact that former President Trump set the shocking number of 15,000 refugees, the US has only received around 3,000 refugees so far this fiscal year, which means that, even if Biden increases the annual limit, the applications processed from now until September may not reach the cap.

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Why did the Biden administration postpone the decision on the refugee limit?

When President Biden took office in late January 2021, his administration had multiple plans to reform the entire immigration system, remove Trump’s restrictive policies, and expand alternatives available to immigrant communities. However, many of Biden’s immigration projects are currently on hold and at risk due to a surge of illegal border crossings.

One of the strongest criticisms Biden has received regarding the substantial increase in mass irregular migration is that his administration “is opening the US borders” to undocumented migrants who, in the opinion of opposition groups, become in a burden on the local economic system.

It is worth mentioning that, during the first weeks in office, President Biden and his team used different executive actions to remove restrictions implemented by Trump on the immigration system and restructure multiple existing processes. Therefore, now that the Biden administration is not acting as quickly as it did earlier this year on certain immigration policies such as the refugee cap, there is growing uncertainty among activist groups about whether the current border situation is related to Biden’s decision to postpone the refugee limit amid criticism.

Avoid being part of the controversy and migrate safely!

Immigration-related controversy has to do essentially and primarily with undocumented immigrants who decide to cross the US borders without prior authorization. In other words, what triggers a colossal social debate is irregular immigration.

Naturally, the American population expects foreigners who decide to come to the country to follow legal processes and guidelines established by the local immigration system to avoid clandestine environments and the saturation of the economic system.

Therefore, to avoid unnecessary inconvenience during your process, it is essential to follow legal guidelines when starting your immigration journey in the US or if you need to submit an immigration application of any kind. Adding to that, having the constant accompaniment of experts on immigration matters is also extremely important, even more so now in times of crisis.

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