Who is Right About Immigration?

Immigration controversies

Immigration controversies

A recent report analyzes the two most prominent current controversies regarding the immigration sector, which are sparking a gigantic social discussion.

Let’s see what they are about:

The border situation

One of the most controversial issues has to do with the border situation, that is, high rates of irregular migration that currently plague the US and have been increasing for a couple of years now.

Naturally, that situation allows opposition groups and certain political leaders to critizise the Biden administration’s immigration ideals and call for restrictive and strict rules in the border territory.

Although that strategy has brought nothing good in the past, it is a message that still has a lot of traction among the American population.

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Foreign worker shortages

Aside from the above, American employers such as farmers are urgently calling for a reform to the business immigration system in order to hire foreign workers in a simpler way, considering the alarming labor shortage plaguing the country – not only in sectors like agriculture, but also in industries such as science and technology.

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Is there a way to resolve the situation as a whole?

According to expert opinion, the ideal would be to improve business immigration programs and legal routes so that foreigners who want to come to work have more possibilities without having to cross borders irregularly.

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Choose the best option for you

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