What Has Affected America’s View of Immigration?

Wrong approach generates uncertainty about immigration

Wrong approach generates uncertainty about immigration

Experts on the subject openly explain that the constant focus on the border situation and high rates of irregular migration have affected the American population’s view on immigration.

This comes after several surveys across the US have revealed that dissatisfaction with current immigration levels has increased compared to previous years, especially with regard to the flow of immigrants into the borderlands.

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The effects of the anti-immigrant narrative

In the wake of the current border situation, various political leaders from different states and parties have used the opportunity to spread an anti-immigrant message, which unfortunately increases social division and discrimination.

However, the problem with focusing only on the challenges facing the immigration system and the border situation is that it neglects the great benefits that immigration brings to the country as a whole, not only to the economy, but to the national labor system as well.

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The US needs immigrants too

It is worth mentioning that hundreds of thousands of American employers have been calling for comprehensive immigration reform for years as their businesses depend almost entirely on foreign labor.

Thus, while it is indeed an imperative to reduce irregular migration numbers, it is also important to remember the great contribution of immigrant communities to the US.

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How can you protect your own case?

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