USCIS Updates Criteria to Expedite Immigration Cases

USCIS updates and clarifies scenarios to consider expedite requests

Biden’s intention to improve the immigration system

The current administration of the US (Biden-Harris) has been quite clear and forthright about its immigration ideals and its ambitious plans to have bipartisan support in Congress and push through the first real comprehensive immigration reform since the mid-1980s, 35 years ago.

President Biden and his Cabinet constantly stress the importance of restructuring the entire immigration system to repair the damage caused by the previous administration to foreign populations in general, reduce the backlog of immigration cases resulting from the health crisis caused by the global Coronavirus pandemic, expedite all kinds of immigration processes, expand alternatives available to highly qualified foreign workers and offer decent opportunities for vulnerable communities such as asylum seekers and refugees.

The Biden administration’s goals go beyond simply removing restrictive policies implemented by former President Trump. In fact, its ideals and the basis of its proposals are related to implementing and executing lasting immigration policies, which should, in its opinion, be more humane, welcoming, just and aligned with the US’ identity as an immigrant nation.

Therefore, since President Biden took office in late January, his administration has focused heavily on transforming several existing policies to streamline immigration processes and have a more efficient and effective local immigration system, with the help of important entities for the immigration sector such as the USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services).

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USCIS updates and clarifies scenarios to consider expedite requests

On Wednesday, June 9, 2021, the USCIS announced several changes regarding certain immigration procedures and more specifically regarding guidelines for immigration officers and how to handle certain specific scenarios.

In this case we are going to talk about a Policy Alert in which the USCIS announces updates “regarding criteria used to determine whether a case warrants expedited treatment”. These guidelines clarify the scenarios in which the USCIS will consider an expedite request for an immigration case.

It is worth mentioning that the USCIS reviews expedite requests on a case-by-case basis, meaning that there is no established protocol, but rather that each application must meet certain eligibility parameters in order to receive expedited treatment.

Updating these guidelines will allow, on the one hand, applicants to determine if their immigration case could be eligible to receive a response in a shorter period of time and, on the other hand, the USCIS to determine if an applicant meets the requirements to expedite the adjudication of their immigration request.

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