The Trump administration allows transition of the Biden administration

President Trump did not want to admit defeat

The most recent presidential elections in the US were quite peculiar, not only because the two strongest candidates have an almost diametrically opposite stance when it comes to multiple sectors of society, but because the world is going through an unprecedented health crisis, which definitely changed the course of humanity.

The American population elected Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee, as the next leader of the nation, who will take office in early 2021 and will be the 46th president of the US. Biden plans to change multiple policies implemented by the Trump administration over the past four years.

It is important to understand that when the US changes administrations, there is a transition period between the elections and the time when the new president takes office. However, President Trump did not want to admit that Biden took the victory, stating that the election result was a fraud. In fact, the Trump administration has filed multiple lawsuits calling for a vote recount.

The Trump administration allows transition of the Biden administration

The transition period had not started until President Trump, on November 23, gave the green light to the Biden administration to start the transition period, 20 days after the presidential election.

Biden’s transition team can now begin to engage with federal entities, analyze current processes, and devise strategies to implement new policies, depending on the new administration’s proposals, goals, and purposes.

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The transition period and the immigration system

The Biden administration has a more welcoming stance than the Trump administration when it comes to immigration. Trump states that mass immigration can become an unnecessary burden on the economy, while Biden states that immigration is necessary for economic growth and for the country to overcome the crisis brought by the pandemic.

However, Biden’s transition team lost 20 valuable days and could not analyze current policies and learn about protocols of the country’s immigration agencies for. In fact, in one of our most recent articles, we talk about an order that US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) employees received not to cooperate with Biden’s transition team until Trump accepted the election results.

Therefore, the Biden administration has not been able to be fully involved with current immigration policies. His transition team is currently working to keep up with changes made by the Trump administration on the local immigration system and to be able to create action plans to help develop the ideal of the Biden administration regarding immigration.

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