The US to Send Deportees to Guatemala by Air

Guatemala hopes to end remote deportations

Guatemala hopes to end remote deportations

During the last weeks of August, the controversy surrounding deportations from Mexico and the US increased, mainly because authorities in these countries sent dozens of migrants from Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador to Guatemala, where they know no one and have no safe place to go.

Several immigrant rights advocates and humanitarian organizations raised their voices when they found out that the deportees were abandoned in a remote border area of Guatemala, where there is no access to basic services or protection of any kind.

As a result, the Guatemalan and US governments recently held a meeting to discuss the situation. On Thursday, September 2, Guatemalan government officials announced that the US will send deportees directly by air to avoid them facing precarious situations in remote border territory.

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Biden battles irregular migration

It is quite evident that the Biden administration is facing an unprecedented challenge regarding irregular migration levels. Therefore, his administration is creating alliances and partnerships with countries such as Mexico to curb mass migration and reduce the number of border encounters.

However, in an attempt to reduce mass migration levels at all costs, the situation may lead to the use of such arbitrary and risky practices, which could affect the integrity of vulnerable migrants.

Thus, the Biden administration is trying to address irregular migration effectively in order to create lasting solutions and not just implement restrictive and ineffective policies. At the same time, the American population is asking the current administration to control the border situation in the shortest possible time and to encourage legal immigration processes.

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