The Massive Caravan from Hondurans to the US

Caravan from Honduras plans to cross the US' borders illegally

A new caravan unfolds amid the pandemic

It is well known that the health crisis caused by the Coronavirus pandemic unleashed global economic chaos and most countries are facing unprecedented unemployment rates and salary reductions.

Certainly, there are countries more affected by the economic crisis than others. For instance, Latin American third world countries are experiencing an abysmal economic decline and their local currency is devaluing due to the current juncture.

One of the most worrying cases in Central American territory is Honduras, which has always had economic, political, and social problems, but with the arrival of the pandemic, these inconveniences accelerated excessively and exponentially.

Thus, Honduran citizens have expressed dissatisfaction with the local economic system and the way the government is coping with the impact of the pandemic.

The situation in this Central American country is so concerning that more than 1,000 people decided to migrate on Tuesday, June 30, 2020 in a massive caravan bound for the US.

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The plan of the massive caravan

According to the Honduran National Police, the Caravan started in San Pedro Sula (a Honduran city) and plans to cross Guatemala, Mexico and eventually reach the US.

Honduran citizens who are part of the caravan are going to try to cross the borders of the US without initiating any legal immigration process, without authorized documentation and violating the local law.

Multiple human rights advocates in Honduras claim that this caravan started because of the local government, which does not offer social benefits to the most vulnerable communities.

In addition to that, the situation is increasingly aggravated in the Central American country. Honduras is facing a devastating economic crisis due to the lockdown that took place in March and currently has more than 21,000 confirmed cases of Coronavirus.

It is imperative to clarify that the majority of the Latin American population survives thanks to informal jobs that do not have social benefits or established contracts, therefore, with the mandatory lockdown, millions of people had no income for a considerable amount of time.

The restrictions of the US

Due to the health crisis, the Trump government has banned immigration in general, and currently, no foreigner arriving at the US’ borders is allowed to enter the country.

Thus, this massive caravan could really unleash social chaos on Mexico’s borders that are already overcrowded with immigrant communities that are waiting for the opportunity to apply for political asylum in the US.

It is important for the governments to create a strategy so that Hondurans can have some kind of relief and protection during the current juncture.

In fact, the Trump government has a budget of $ 252 million to help Central American countries (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador) to invest in social security and improve their citizens’ quality of life. In this way, they can prevent mass migration from their territories to the US.

It is only a matter of time before the caravan arrives in the US and is likely to risk the lives of hundreds of people, including minors, pregnant women, and elderly people.

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