Biden is facing multiple immigration-related legal proceedings

Making changes on immigration takes time

Even before the US’ most recent presidential elections (November 2020), during his political campaign, President Joe Biden promised to reform the entire immigration system by removing restrictions implemented by the Trump administration, expanding the alternatives available to international workers and students, and improving humanitarian programs available to immigrants in urgent need of international protection such as asylum seekers or refugees.

Biden has led the White House for a little over four months and has been able to move forward with certain immigration plans despite facing the highest surge of illegal border crossings in decades, and has also lifted or rescinded several limiting policies implemented by Former President Trump on the local immigration system.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that the Biden administration has used every tool at its disposal to restructure existing immigration processes, several foreign communities, immigrant rights advocates, and activist groups hoped for more profound changes on the immigration sector during Biden’s first months in office.

It is worth mentioning that the Biden administration made it clear since the beginning of the year that promoting comprehensive immigration reform in Congress and removing hundreds of restrictions implemented by Trump in recent years would not be an easy task and it would most certainly take time and patience to transform the local immigration system.

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Biden is facing multiple immigration-related legal proceedings

It is well known that the Trump administration faced multiple lawsuits due to its ideals, goals, and plans regarding immigration, which aimed to significantly decrease the flow of foreigners in the US. However, a large part of the American population expected that such pattern would possibly change under the Biden administration, but that is not truly the case.

In fact, Biden is currently facing several immigration-related legal processes, mainly because he has not yet removed certain restrictive policies of former President Trump, especially those that have to do with the global Coronavirus pandemic.

Let’s see some examples:

  • The Biden administration is facing a lawsuit due to border restrictions related to the health crisis, which substantially reduce the number of immigration cases processed in US embassies and consulates across the world, especially in countries with high COVID-19 contagion rate. Many immigrant families state that they have not been able to reunite with their beloved ones in North America due to these border restrictions, implemented by Trump in 2020.
  • The Biden administration is facing a lawsuit over a Trump proposal that would remove the current H-1B visa (for highly skilled foreign workers) selection system and replace it with a wage-based selection system. Biden only postponed the implementation of this rule to have time to review it and evaluate its effectiveness, which means that his administration might use it in the future.

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Even though the Biden administration still has some pending cases regarding immigration in general, most existing processes are already returning to normal and this is undoubtedly the best time to start your immigration journey in the US.

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