The Basis of Current Immigration Policies

What is behind current immigration policies?

What is behind current immigration policies?

A recent report explains that many of today’s immigration policies are still tied to old ideals, which were not very welcoming to immigrant populations.

In fact, supporting this premise, it is important to mention that Congress has failed to pass comprehensive immigration reform since the late 1980s, maintaining policies and rules that do not work in today’s world and are, in effect, hurting the economy.

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The urgent need for reform

Comprehensive immigration reform would bring great benefits to the socioeconomic development of the US, considering that:

  • Hundreds of American employers are currently dependent on foreign workforce, but face long waiting times to hire workers from abroad due to outdated policies.
  • With inflation at its highest point in decades and alarming labor shortages, attracting talent from abroad is undoubtedly the smartest and most effective move.

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Interaction in today’s world

Aside from the above, it is essential to recognize that international dynamics have transformed from heaven to earth over the past few decades, especially with the advancement of technology.

Therefore, the US, as a world power, must have the ability to suit a continually changing world, which includes immigration dynamics.

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The importance of following legal processes

Throughout history, political controversy has been mainly related to irregular migration, and therein lies the importance of following regular protocols to the letter. In order to accomplish this goal, it is imperative to follow the voice of wisdom and the guidance of professionals in the immigration field, who understand the current programs and will know which process is best for you.

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This is your time to shine

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