Shortages Might Be Present Until Immigration Levels Increase

A call to expedite immigration to overcome supply difficulties

A call to expedite immigration to overcome supply difficulties

Several companies and institutions providing basic services state that the lack of personnel is considerably affecting the supply chain across the country.

The proposal to optimize, expedite and expand existing immigration processes is gaining more and more strength, considering the large number of foreign workers who are qualified and willing to fill the available vacancies.

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Product shortages resulting from lack of workers

It is now difficult for American citizens to find the variety of products that used to be available in supermarkets before the pandemic.

This scenario is becoming increasingly prevalent as many people abandoned their jobs for fear of contagion or in search of other remote employment opportunities.

As a result, by September 2021, there were approximately 10 million job openings and only 8 million American residents seeking employment.

Companies providing essential services and products are reporting difficulties in hiring staff. Among the sectors most affected are:

  • Education: Elementary schools report not finding enough bus drivers and teachers.
  • Health: Following attrition and downsizing, hospitals are offering bonuses and other salary benefits to trained nursing workers, as they are sometimes working with less than half the regular staff.
  • Agriculture: Employers in the agricultural sector report that there is not enough staff for planting and harvesting natural products.
  • Gastronomy: Due to the slowdown in food production and difficulties in transportation, many restaurants and supermarkets report losses and even bankruptcies.

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The main migrant labor force

Faced with the massive demand for workers, Americans looking for jobs are not able to fill the entire workforce. Thus, expanding immigration could be a quick and efficient solution.

In addition to that, studies have shown that fewer local citizens are filling positions related to the care sector and basic production of essential goods. In contrast, a large majority of immigrants are in jobs considered essential.

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Businesses ask government to expand immigration

The immigration sector has demonstrated for decades the important role it plays in the development of the US, which is why local employers are calling on the government to resolve the backlog of thousands of work permit applications, which despite meeting the selection criteria, have not been processed.

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