Report – The Immigrant Perspective

Report - It's time to hear the immigrant story

Report – It’s time to hear the immigrant story

A recent report reveals the experiences of immigrants as U.S. policies constantly change.

In fact, it is worth mentioning that the Biden administration and the Trump administration have had almost diametrically opposed views and approach when it comes to the immigration sector. As a result, U.S. policies have changed drastically and continuously over the past few years.

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Immigrants speak out about their experiences

According to the report’s findings, hundreds of thousands of immigrants who have lived in the United States most of their lives are forced to return to their countries of origin even though they do not know or remember anything.

The report explains, “There are almost half a million deportees in Mexico City that are Americans. If you talk to these people, it’s like talking to any other U.S. citizen. Some of them have never even been to Mexico, have never even thought of going back, and suddenly find themselves in this strange country, separated and alienated from their families.”

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What is often forgotten in the political arena

With the above in mind, the report concludes that the discussions and controversy surrounding immigration in the political arena often neglect what really matters, the experience and testimonies of immigrants.

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