Reduced Immigration Levels Affect Local Labor

Reduced immigration influences the US labor system

Reduced immigration influences the US labor system

The Great Resignation, as the job desertion phenomenon caused by the spread of the COVID-19 virus, tremendously affected the business sector. Aside from that, the continued reduction in immigration since 2016 has generated a significant reduction in the US workforce.

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The consequences of the Great Resignation

In the context of the global pandemic, many people decided to quit their jobs for various reasons. Fear of contagion, changes in family occupations, and the growth of remote work options are some of the reasons why the labor system has changed abruptly.

In the US specifically, this phenomenon has had a major impact in companies that provide essential services and products, as the number of workers available to fill on-site job openings is limited, even years after the arrival of the pandemic and its first outbreak.

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The steady decline in immigration

According to a recent report, another major cause of the reduction in available workers has to do directly with immigration because, according to National Census statistics:

  • Over the past 6 years, there has been a prominent decline in the net immigration figure. In 2016 it was approximately 1 million, and in 2021 it was only 247,000.

Regarding the supply of basic services and resources, the Bureau of Labor Statistics also reported that:

  • In essential sectors, the native-born population occupies only 14%, a low figure compared to the 21% that correspond to foreign workers.
  • In the construction and natural resource extraction sector, foreign workers occupy 14% compared to 8% of natives.

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The importance of immigration in sustaining the country

These facts could give an overview of the important role of foreign workers primarily in the maintenance and supply sectors, as well as in other areas where they contribute immensely and help the country overcome the Great Resignation.

Thus, for many experts in the field, immigration is a key to sustaining the US economic growth in the current global context.

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