Presidential Debates do not Delve into the Immigration Sector

Presidential nominees have not mentioned immigration

The presidential debates

The US’ presidential elections will take place on November 3, 2020. The two strongest candidates have already had a debate session and there are two others scheduled for October 15 and 22. However, these dates are subject to change depending on President Trump’s health, who recently tested positive for COVID-19.

The two presidential candidates are President Donald Trump, belonging to the Republican political party, who is seeking reelection, and former Vice President Joe Biden (during Barack Obama’s term), belonging to the Democratic political party.

It is important to clarify that there was also a vice-presidential debate between Kamala Harris (Joe Biden) and Mike Pence (Donald Trump), which took place on Wednesday, October 7.

This is a rather peculiar presidential election, mainly because the two candidates have almost diametrically opposite ideals and stances regarding multiple sectors of our society. That is the case with immigration.

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Immigration has not been part of the presidential debates

Due to the health crisis caused by the global pandemic, the health system and treatments for COVID-19 are the main concern of voters.

However, there are some sectors that have been left aside, such as immigration. Immigration has always been a topic of constant discussion in the US, but the controversy has escalated during the term of President Trump.

The Trump administration states that mass immigration, both legal and illegal, is a burden on the local economy and has implemented more than 400 changes in the immigration sector since 2017.

Currently, there are multiple immigration policies that have been classified by activists and immigrant rights advocates as “arbitrary, invasive and inhumane”. They assure that the Trump administration is violating local law and human rights of the most vulnerable communities.

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The immigration sector should be a topic of presidential debates

Dozens of critics argue that immigration should be a topic of discussion during presidential debates, mainly because President Trump’s immigration policies are quite strict and encourage family separation, putting the lives of minors at risk and increasing social discrimination among the local population.

For instance, an NBC News correspondent stated on Twitter: “The Trump administration systematically took over 5,500 kids from their parents at the border knowing it would traumatize them for life, and there hasn’t been a single question about it — nor any question about immigration policy — at either of the first two debates.”

Adding to that, since the US is the destination of thousands of immigrants, it is important for citizens to know the opinions and goals of presidential candidates in order to take a side and understand what will happen to the immigration sector during the next four years.

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