Mexico and the US Plan New Immigration Strategy

New U.S.-Mexico framework addresses immigration

New U.S.-Mexico framework addresses immigration

The governments of the US and Mexico are once again joining forces to create a framework to address certain issues that concern and affect both territories and that, if not handled correctly now, could unleash undesirable situations.

Among many other things, this plan, which they called the “U.S.-Mexico Bicentennial Framework for Security, Public Health and Safe Communities”, aims to effectively address mass irregular migration, that is, the surge of illegal border crossings that has increased exponentially since the beginning of the year.

Leaders such as the President of Mexico and the Secretary of DHS (US Department of Homeland Security) have openly stated that there is a firm intention to improve the border situation without affecting the most vulnerable immigrant communities.

In fact, the US Secretary of State recently stated that this framework seeks to take a more holistic, that is less invasive and arbitrary, approach to controversial sectors such as migration, especially irregular migration.

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The imperative need to improve the border situation

The surge of illegal border crossings has been relatively constant since the beginning of the year and the US is trying to manage the situation using multiple measures in the midst of the global health crisis.

However, the current administration is fully aware that it needs to address the border situation as soon as possible in order to promote the first comprehensive immigration reform in decades, gain bipartisan support and emphasize that irregular migration is not allowed.

Adding to that, let’s look at two key points:

The humanitarian crisis in the border territory

One of the main issues why the US must effectively address mass irregular migration is because there is a growing humanitarian concern regarding the conditions under which migrants must process their cases when they try to enter the country without legal documentation.

Aside from the potential humanitarian consequence, it is important to mention that irregular migration will never bring positive repercussions, neither for the person who decides to cross the borders without prior authorization, nor for the country that must try to control the situation.

The delay in Biden’s immigration plans

If the US and Mexico carry out this new framework, it could be the opportunity for the Biden administration to finally move forward with other pending immigration projects.

We say this because it is quite evident that many of Biden’s immigration plans have been either delayed or put on hold due to the surge of illegal border crossings. Thus, the legal immigration system has been partially forgotten and, in fact, that is where the solution to mass irregular migration may lie.

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