Mexico and the US Discuss About the MPP Policy

The US discusses with Mexico to reimplement the MPP

Biden must reimplement the “Remain in Mexico” program

One of the Biden administration’s main focuses has always been to remove certain restrictive policies implemented by former President Trump’s administration on the immigration system.

For instance, President Biden has used every resource at his disposal to remove limitations and rules that substantially hinder the political asylum process, which is available to migrants fleeing risky situations such as persecution, violence and famine.

That is the case with the MPP (Migrant Protection Protocols) policy, also known as “Remain in Mexico”. The Trump administration officially implemented this program at the beginning of 2019 and, broadly speaking, it states that migrants cannot enter the US before legitimately receiving political asylum status.

Therefore, under this policy, asylum seekers must remain in Mexican territory until they receive a response to their immigration applications. Recently, the Biden administration permanently rescinded this rule, but its decision was intercepted by a federal judge in Texas.

The judge in charge of the case, who was appointed by Trump, ordered the Biden administration to reinstate the MPP policy in mid-August, a ruling that was later upheld by the US Supreme Court.

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The US discusses with Mexico to reimplement the MPP

After the Supreme Court’s verdict regarding the “Remain in Mexico” program, the Biden administration stated that, although it disagreed with the decision, it would respect and follow the order until new means were found to end this policy, which it calls “inhumane”.

Therefore, the Biden administration is currently in discussions with Mexican authorities to seek their approval to reimplement the MPP policy and send asylum seekers temporarily to Mexico again.

According to a recent report by The Washington Post, Mexican authorities are willing to cooperate with the US to reinstate this rule and receive asylum seekers, but also state that:

  • The US should create new strategies to effectively address mass irregular migration and prevent the MPP policy from unleashing a humanitarian crisis in the border territory.
  • The Biden administration should offer economic assistance to Central American third world countries such as Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras. This investment could improve the quality of life for Central American citizens and decrease the massive flow of asylum seekers in the US.
  • The US must prevent the situation from once again becoming an unsustainable scenario for Mexican territory.
    Mexican authorities explain that, under the Trump administration, the number of asylum seekers sent to Mexico was extremely high and that, if they implement the MPP policy again, conditions should be different.

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