Lifting Travel Restrictions Will Stimulate the Economy

Biden Administration to Lift Travel Restrictions for Certain Countries

Biden Administration to Lift Travel Restrictions for Certain Countries

The Biden administration recently announced that, after more than a year, it will lift travel restrictions for foreigners coming from 33 countries, who must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as of November 2021.

These 33 countries had been under travel restrictions due to Coronavirus contagion rates in their territories, which included world powers such as China, India, Brazil and most European countries.

This step definitely paves the way for the world to gradually overcome the health crisis brought by the global pandemic, which also affected socio-economic development across the globe.

Therefore, the Biden administration’s decision regarding travel restrictions will undoubtedly be a boon to international transit and bring back stability in sectors that depend on the presence of foreigners.

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Commerce Secretary supports decision to lift travel restrictions

After the Biden administration announced the lifting of travel restrictions on September 20, several experts in the field have commented on this decision and the positive repercussions it will bring.

For instance, the US’ Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo openly stated that lifting travel restrictions is a necessary step to boost and stimulate the national economy, especially in sectors that rely heavily on the presence of foreigners.

Raimondo specifically refers to sectors such as tourism, culinary, hospitality and industries that support business travel for foreign investors.

Adding to that, she explains that reopening the US’ doors to travelers fully vaccinated against COVID-19 is not only an important decision for the economy, but also a smart move considering the health risk is still present.

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Several sectors depend on tourism and international transit

The Commerce Secretary is not alone in celebrating, supporting and applauding the Biden administration’s decision to lift travel restrictions. Clearly, this is quite positive news for foreign populations and for the sectors that benefit from their presence.

To give a specific example, the tourism sector is almost entirely dependent on the presence of foreigners and, in the midst of the health emergency, went through a devastating crisis. It is important to explain that this sector includes not only travel agencies, but also the hospitality, culinary and airline industries.

Therefore, Biden’s decision to remove certain travel restrictions will help these sectors regain their economic stability.

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