Judge Intervenes in Biden’s Immigration Plans

Judge blocks Biden's deportation rule

Judge blocks Biden’s deportation rule

A federal judge recently blocked the Biden administration’s plan to manage deportation proceedings throughout the US.

Under Biden’s new DHS (Department of Homeland Security) guidelines, border authorities and immigration enforcement entities should prioritize arrests and deportations focused on individuals who pose a serious threat to national security.

Biden’s plan would almost completely transform the approach to deportation laws compared to his Republican predecessor, former President Donald Trump, whose policies disproportionately increased deportation levels by prioritizing all immigration violations, not just national security cases.

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The judge’s ruling

The Texas federal judge in charge of responding to the lawsuit against Biden’s deportation plan, filed by the states of Texas and Louisiana, stated that while the current administration’s arguments to carefully allocate federal funds and not spend large amounts on mass deportations is valid, it could also run afoul of Congressional rules.

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The ideal of transforming the approach to deportations

The reality is that the Biden administration has not been able to make as much progress as it would like on the immigration system because of legal processes like this one, whicht get in the way of its plans and delay its goals.

That is not necessarily good or bad, it is just a fact, and the prudent thing to do is to understand what are the issues that generate controversy among the different political branches such as irregular migration and undocumentation. Looking at it that way, one might realize how important it is to follow the legal guidelines to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

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