Immigration News Recap 10th September 2021

Immigration News Recap 10th September 2021

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Here is the immigration news recap for Friday, September 19, 2021:

An echo across the US for immigration reform

Immigration reform has been a topic of conversation among the American population in recent months, including opposition groups, political leaders, activist groups, immigrant rights advocates, immigrant communities, experts from different sectors, and humanitarian organizations. To learn more about this news, click here.

Immigration reform beyond a benefit for immigrants

In order to understand the repercussions of comprehensive immigration reform, it is imperative to first see this option as more than just an immigration benefit, but as a necessity for the national economy and for local businesses. To learn more about this news, click here.

It’s time for the country to recognize foreign workforce

Just as the presence of foreign nationals has been vital in protecting local citizens, it is time for the country to also give back and recognize the efforts of millions of immigrant workers who serve in the most important sectors of the local market. To learn more about this news, click here.

In other news…

Americans living with an undocumented immigrant

A recent study shows that more than 10 million American citizens live with an undocumented immigrant, increasing pressure on the Biden administration to reform the immigration system. To learn more about this news, click here.

Immigration reform would protect mixed families

If the Biden administration succeeds in promoting the first comprehensive immigration reform in decades, it could allow thousands of mixed families to stay together and not fear deportation. The term mixed families refers to American citizens living with undocumented immigrants, or undocumented parents with an American child. To learn more about this news, click here.

Leaders call for help to fill labor gaps

Several Ohio officials and political leaders are currently discussing the alarming and troubling shortage of qualified workforce, despite the fact that there are quite competent salaries. As such, they are commenting on the benefits that immigration reform would bring. To learn more about this news, click here.

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