Immigration Activists Call to Ignore Senate Parliamentarian

Support for immigration reform despite the Senate Parliamentarian's decision

Support for immigration reform despite the Senate Parliamentarian’s decision

Activists gathered in Chicago to call on Democratic leaders to set aside the Senate Parliamentarian’s decision, and move forward with the immigration reform bill.

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There is still hope for immigration reform

Immigrant rights advocates and activists remain hopeful that the proposal made by Democratic representatives will stand despite the fact that the Senate Parliamentarian rejected the immigration language included in the spending bill, which would provide amnesty to millions of undocumented workers.

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The reasons why immigrants are not satisfied with the Senate Parliamentarian’s ruling

Despite the dwindling possibility of including immigration language in Biden’s budget package, several pro-immigration organizations have come out publicly with the goal of asking Democrats to set aside the Senate Parliamentarian’s advice, considering that:

  • Thousands of people who have lived for decades awaiting immigration reform that would allow them to stay in the country legally, even temporarily, will remain in limbo if this bill is not passed.
  • The US’ social fabric is largely composed of the presence of immigration throughout history. This fact translates at this time into entire families with mixed status, who, without a legal alternative, would be separated.
  • People who came to the country as minors, also known as Dreamers, have no guarantee that they will be able to stay in the country where they grew up.

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Democratic leaders look for new alternatives

Democratic leaders are looking for some way within the legal framework that will allow them to make this proposal viable for the benefit of undocumented immigrants, especially when it comes to essential workers in all kinds of sectors.

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