Foreign Workers Felt the Impact of the Pandemic

International workers affected by global health crisis

International workers affected by global health crisis

A recent report, created by two experts in the field, reveals that foreign workers have been tremendously affected by the health crisis caused by the global Coronavirus pandemic.

In fact, the report recounts the experience of international workers at CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) who are not only part of the medical staff, but are also members of scientific research groups.

According to the opinion of these experts, foreign workers:

  • Have been unable to visit their loved ones abroad or bring them to the US in the midst of the global health crisis.
  • They face constant uncertainty due to the backlog of immigration cases across the country and long waiting times to obtain lawful permanent residency or simply extend their visas.
  • Many of them, despite having dates to get married, have not been able to reunite with their spouses in over 18 months.

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Why should foreign workers have more benefits?

The report explains that foreign workers “make lives better for the rest of us, oftentimes when we are most vulnerable, such as during medical crises” and, therefore, should have access to a more efficient, simpler and faster immigration system.

In fact, in one of our most recent articles we talked about how foreign workers have played an essential role in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields over the past few decades, consistently stimulating and driving the US’ international competitiveness.

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Local workforce is close to dependence on foreign workers

For years, even before the Trump administration significantly restricted immigration in general, hundreds of American or US-based companies have been asking the government for help to attract talent from abroad.

In fact, the reality is that the local market is failing to keep up with social needs due to alarming labor shortages in most, if not all, sectors.

Therefore, immigration is becoming the most viable and effective route to fill the labor gaps and boost the economy as soon as possible.

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