Ending Title 42 is a Good Move

Official: Lifting Title 42 is the right move

Official: Lifting Title 42 is the right move

A DHS (Department of Homeland Security) official recently stated that border encounter rates would decrease significantly without Title 42.

In fact, the official explained to a Senate panel that, if the Biden administration succeeds in lifting this measure, the border situation could improve substantially.

Title 42, initially implemented by Trump to mitigate the impact of the pandemic, has served as a means to deport the majority of asylum seekers in the border territory for two years now. The Biden administration plans to remove it on May 23, but has faced a myriad of criticism.

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Re-entries are a gigantic problem

The DHS official openly states that current border apprehension numbers are strongly related to re-entry cases.

In fact, Title 42 has allowed illegal groups to find new ways to violate immigration laws and enter the country irregularly.

Therefore, removing this rule is undoubtedly the best tool at this point to process immigrants following due protocol and also to prevent mass re-entries.

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Why is there controversy among the American population?

Experts on the subject state that the main reason why a part of the population does not support the idea of lifting Title 42 is because of the fear that has been instilled by certain political leaders and opposition groups.

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This measure can no longer continue

It is important to explain that, according to US Code, Title 42 should only be used in light of a health emergency. However, that is no longer the case.

Therefore, the Biden administration must now find other alternatives to control the border situation without affecting immigrant populations.

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