Center in El Paso opens its doors to asylum seekers

The future looks bright for asylum seekers

One of the most controversial policies of the Trump administration is the so-called “Remain in Mexico,” officially known as MPP (Migrant Protection Protocols), which states that asylum seekers must remain in Mexican territory until they receive a response to their immigration cases, which can take several months or even more than a year.

This rule applied both to asylum seekers arriving at authorized ports of entry, as well as to those who were apprehended by federal entities while trying to cross the US borders without legal documentation.

For asylum seekers under the MPP policy, whose cases were considerably delayed due to the massive outbreak of Coronavirus in the North American territory, the only hope was the US presidential election, which took place in early November 2020.

The American population elected the Democratic nominee Joe Biden as the 46th president of the nation, who promised to improve conditions for the most vulnerable immigrant populations, remove the MPP policy and unveil a resettlement plan to allow the entry of asylum seekers to the country.

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Asylum seekers enter the US for the first time in months

The Biden administration suspended the MPP policy and proposed a resettlement plan that took effect on Friday, February 19, 2021, when 25 asylum seekers entered the US for the first time in months.

To keep in mind:

  • Biden’s resettlement project will allow more than 25,000 asylum seekers to enter the US, who still have active cases.
  • Only certain ports of entry will process asylum applications and they will be able to process up to 300 cases on a daily basis.
  • This project will not allow the processing of new asylum applications.
  • This project will not allow the processing of previously rejected or denied asylum applications.
  • Border restrictions due to the health crisis are still in effect.

The Biden government is also taking into account necessary measures and protocols to reduce the sanitary risk in the midst of the global pandemic and prevent another massive outbreak of Coronavirus in the North American territory.

Center in El Paso opens its doors to asylum seekers

In El Paso, Texas, a humanitarian organization is now ready to receive asylum seekers coming from Mexico thanks to Biden’s resettlement plan. Annunciation House, the organization in charge of overseeing several refugee centers in this city, plans to receive 25 asylum seekers daily until March 10. After this date, the number will increase to 50 and by the end of the month, the organization expects to receive 75 asylum seekers daily.

The organization’s executive director stated that facilities are properly disinfected, both volunteers and asylum seekers must follow protocols and measures such as wearing protective masks and there will be a specific space for preventive isolation in case there is a positive case of COVID -19.

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