Group of economists calls for immigration reform

Group of economists calls for immigration reform

A coalition of more than 50 economists recently wrote a letter calling on Congress to pass immigration reform through Biden’s 2022 budget package. By this, they refer to the immigration resolution included in the budget bill, which would open a path to citizenship for foreign workers residing in the US undocumented.

According to these financial experts, who understand the impact of immigrants on the national economy, immigration reform would:

  • Expand and strengthen the US economy, allowing the country to overcome the current juncture more harmoniously, effectively and smoothly.
  • Increase productivity nationwide, which would boost American or US-based companies.
  • Allow undocumented foreign workers, who are absolutely essential to keep the economy afloat, to become a legitimate part of the American social fabric by coming out of the shadows, which would reduce the poverty rate.
  • Expand employment opportunities for American citizens in the medium to long term, which would reduce the local unemployment rate.

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Immigration reform beyond an immigration benefit

It is important to mention that this group of economists explains that immigration reform should be understood not only as a benefit for undocumented foreigners, but as an advantage and progress for the US economy.

In fact, they argue in the letter, “granting a pathway to citizenship for millions of aspiring Americans will bring expansive economic benefits to communities across the country –while having a significant impact on the federal budget — not only for the individuals directly affected, but for the larger systems”.

Adding to that, these experts state that the local immigration system is absolutely outdated compared to today’s global needs and that the government has handled immigration as if it were another era, when in fact the situation has changed considerably over the past few decades.

Therefore, they state that immigration reform will allow the country to approach the immigration sector effectively; understanding, welcoming and embracing the positive impact of immigrant communities on the national, regional and international economy.

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