Do Foreign Workers Really “Steal” Jobs from Local Workers?

Do foreign workers reduce opportunities for local workers?

The theory that foreign workers reduce opportunities for local workers

There is a theory among the local population and certain members of the government that foreign workers fill job positions that should be available to American workers, supposedly increasing the unemployment rate and leaving local workers in limbo.

This conjecture became particularly famous and common during the term of Donald Trump (2017-2021), who constantly undermined the contribution of foreign workers to the local economic system and American or US-based companies.

Trump’s rhetoric referred to foreign workers “stealing” employment opportunities from local workers by accepting lower wages despite holding the same job position. Therefore, his administration tried to reduce business immigration at all costs, implementing multiple restrictions on foreign worker visa programs, especially on the H-1B visa for highly skilled workers in important sectors such as science, technology and engineering.

However, it is important to mention that only rarely did former President Trump use official figures or reliable sources to support his views on business immigration, which undoubtedly created a gigantic disinformation gap among the local population.

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Do foreign workers reduce opportunities for local workers?

It is important to analyze the impact of foreign workers on the economic system and the growth of local companies before taking a strict stance on business immigration.

In fact, according to a recent Harvard Political Review report, “The evidence overwhelmingly indicates that high-skilled immigrants do not steal American jobs”, which contradicts the opinion of Trump and other members of the government regarding foreign workers.

Here are some key points:

  • Before hiring personnel from abroad, local companies must demonstrate that there are no trained local personnel to fill the job. Otherwise, local companies would not be able to hire highly qualified foreign workers.
  • Foreign workers often participate in entrepreneurial projects or contribute greatly to the socioeconomic development of local businesses, increasing the employment possibilities for American workers in the medium and long term.
  • There are job positions that require special skills such as knowledge of certain foreign languages ​​and, thus, if there are no local workers who meet these requirements, local companies must hire foreign workers.

Therefore, there are several factors that we must take into account and also weigh the impact of foreign workers in general, not only on the local economic system, but their impact on a cultural and social level.

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