Democrats Discuss Options to Continue Immigration Reform

Democrats discuss possibilities to make immigration reform viable

Democrats discuss possibilities to make immigration reform viable

Several representatives of the Democratic caucus are looking for alternatives, following the Senate Parliamentarian’s rejection, to include immigration provisions in President Biden’s spending bill.

The decision of the Parliamentarian, Elizabeth MacDonough, to stop the bill proposed by Democratic leaders, which would benefit a considerable number of undocumented immigrant workers, has generated great controversy among the bill’s promoters, activists, advocates and immigrant communities.

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Uneasiness among supporters

Supporters are calling on Democratic representatives to find some option that will allow the spending bill to move forward, as they believe that the fate of thousands of migrants who have been waiting for decades for a substantial change in the policies that regulate migration cannot be left in the hands of a single person.

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Democratic Senators seeking legal options

Several Democratic Senators such as Bob Menendez, who have been actively involved in the negotiations surrounding the bill, are carefully reviewing viable alternatives within the legal protocols to keep the budget package moving forward.

According to Menendez, he and the other supporters are considering all the options legislatively, procedurally, administratively.

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What needs be defined in order to consider alternatives

The number of Democratic Party representatives in the Senate who will support the option to set aside the parliamentarian’s advice, if so decided by the governing caucus, has yet to be determined.

However, this option is still unclear because some Democratic representatives had previously stated that they would not override the parliamentarian’s ruling.

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