Could the Border Situation Bring Positive Changes?

The border situation is leading to profound changes

The border situation is leading to profound changes

According to expert opinion, the border situation, as alarming as it may seem, could also be bringing very positive changes to the immigration system.

Certainly, it is clear that there is nothing positive when hundreds of thousands of people leave their homes due to lack of opportunity or violence. However, from the other perspective, the lack of organization in the processing of cases at the borders could be forcing the US government to look for new tools to improve and control the situation.

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The hopeful side of the border situation

In light of the alarming border situation, the Biden administration has taken quite a few steps over the past few months to try to get the situation under control, which seems to be opening up a new political approach to immigration, one where there could be more order and fairness.

To give a specific example, the Biden administration recently unveiled a sponsorship program for migrants from Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, and Haiti, which allows vulnerable communities to come to the US legally as long as they apply for the program from abroad, meet eligibility requirements, and do not travel to the borders.

Experts say such an approach is something entirely new for the US, a country that has failed to promote comprehensive immigration reform since the 1980s. Therefore, strategies such as sponsorship programs may be the best way to enforce immigration laws in the borderlands and at the same time open a legal pathway for the most vulnerable immigrant populations.

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