35% reduction in visa applications during March

The pandemic reduces visa applications

The US has always been the focus of thousands of immigrants who want to come to the country for tourism, permanent residence, business, inter alia.

However, the crisis caused by the Coronavirus is unprecedented in our most recent history. The aftermath of the virus will affect all aspects of our society and can create chaos and fear among communities.

In fact, immigration has been one of the social components most affected during this juncture. Since the Coronavirus outbreak, visa applications have decreased by 35% during March and April compared to February.

What is the reason for the reduction?

It is clear that visa applications have decreased thanks to the current global health crisis.

However, there are other reasons involved in reducing visa applications.

  • All in-person appointments from the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) are suspended until May 2020, at least. In-person appointments are one of the requirements to apply to different types of visas and residence permits.
    USCIS is trying to work virtually, however there are certain applications that require face-to-face appointments.
  • Because the borders remain closed due to the COVID-19 alarm, millions of foreigners planning to travel to the US have temporarily postponed their travels while the contagion peak decreases.
  • President Trump has pressured his government to reduce immigration even more during the pandemic.
  • The current government temporarily denied benefits to immigrants during the health crisis. For example, no immigrant can apply for asylum or refuge in the country.
  • A large number of the visas issued in the past year were for people from China. Since the Coronavirus outbreak, no Chinese has been able to enter the US.

To present a clearer figure, around 24,400 immigrant visas were approved during March, but around 37,700 were approved during February.

These figures show the devastating impact of the Coronavirus on immigration in the US.

A possible solution

It is imperative to remember that all health emergency measures are temporary and we will gradually re-implement regular immigration processes.

The lack of truthful information is the reason why millions of immigrants retract their decision to come to the country.

However, that is negative for the country as it benefits greatly from foreign workers who drive the economy and social development.

Therefore, immigrants will always have opportunities to start a new adventure with their families in the north of the American continent.

In addition to that, there are many ways to file a petition and submit an application to be able to come to the US.

USCIS offices continue to receive applications electronically for different types of visas and it is the right time to start an immigration process because when the health crisis subsides, the US will need the help of millions of foreigners to overcome the evident economic fall.

The only thing necessary to avoid inconveniences is to get proper advice and find legal support to present a solid and complete immigration case.

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