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Trump government to release stimulus check on august

Immigrant Communities and the Second Stimulus Check

Jul 27, 2020

Government announces second round of “stimulus checks” The US is one of the countries most affected by the sudden onset of the global Coronavirus pandemic. The massive outbreak in the North American territory has strongly intervened in most sectors of our society. For instance, the economic sector is one of the most affected by the…

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Virginia immigration center reports 268 cases of Coronavirus

COVID-19 Cases Rise at Immigration Detention Centers

Jul 24, 2020

There was already a warning about detention centers Since the massive outbreak of Coronavirus reached the US, dozens of human rights advocates warned about the risk present in immigration detention centers around the country. Aside from the fact that the virus is highly contagious, crowds and overcrowded places increase the risk of mass spread. Immigration…

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More than 88,000 immigrants have been deported during the pandemic

Thousands of Immigrants Deported Since the Arrival of the Pandemic

Jul 24, 2020

The protocols allowed during the global pandemic The arrival of the global Coronavirus pandemic was unexpected for governments around the world, as well as for citizens of all nations. The pandemic forced governments to adopt certain protocols and emergency measures to protect the health of the local population and prevent further spread of the virus…

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Trump's administration must face another lawsuit regarding border forces

American Oversight Files Lawsuit Requesting Information from Border Forces

Jul 24, 2020

The Trump administration must face another lawsuit The current administration of the US, headed by President Donald Trump, has an almost unmovable opinion regarding immigration. For instance, the president assures that massive legal immigration affects the country and reduces the public benefits offered to the local population, just as illegal immigration destabilizes the local economy.…

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Immigration policies might interviene in the presidential elections

Impact of Immigration Policies on the Trump Campaign

Jul 24, 2020

The global pandemic increases immigration restrictions Since the massive Coronavirus outbreak reached the US, the Trump administration has implemented multiple emergency measures and restrictions on the country’s immigration sector. With the presidential election getting closer and closer, the stance of the strongest candidates on immigration plays a major role in the presidential campaigns and could…

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Thousands of immigrants can't vote due to delays in naturalization ceremonies

Thousands of Immigrants will not Vote due to Delays in Naturalization Ceremonies

Jul 23, 2020

Delays in the USCIS services The US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) is the entity in charge of reviewing and responding to all immigration applications in the country. Due to the massive outbreak of Coronavirus in the North American territory, the USCIS was forced to close its offices to the public and suspend face-to-face services…

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Immigrant minors might be released from detention centers without their parents

Judge Denies the Release of Detained Immigrant Families

Jul 23, 2020

Family detention centers in the midst of the health crisis The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) is the entity in charge of supervising immigration detention centers across the US, including family detention centers. These centers receive immigrants who are detained trying to cross the borders without legal documentation or in some cases also host…

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Trump's government will face a lawsuit regarding Congressional count

New York Plans to File a Lawsuit Against Trump’s Government

Jul 23, 2020

Trump’s latest move on immigrant communities It is well known that the current President of the US, Donald Trump, has certain and strict opinions regarding immigration, especially illegal immigration. The president assures that the country must try to eradicate illegal immigration at all costs and penalize foreigners who cross the borders without documentation or legal…

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Business travelers from Schengen union, Ireland and UK will be able to come to the US

Business Immigration Services Gradually Resume

Jul 23, 2020

The Trump government’s travel ban The current administration of the US, belonging to the Republican political party and led by President Donald Trump, has been strongly focused on reducing immigration, both illegal and legal, since 2017. Nowadays, with the massive outbreak of Coronavirus in the North American territory, the government has implemented multiple emergency measures…

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Recent study shows conditions offered to immigrant minors

Immigrant Children Held in Hotels Before Being Deported

Jul 22, 2020

The questionable situation of immigrant children in the US Immigrants hoping to seek international protection in the US through an asylum application are currently going through a difficult time. Asylum requests have been suspended for more than three months, and only recently it was officially announced that hearings with a local judge are about to…

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