Biden’s Moves on Immigration So Far

What has Biden done on immigration?

What has Biden done on immigration?

A recent report takes an in-depth look at what President Biden and his team have done so far on immigration, and the findings are surprising.

Completely contradicting the conjecture of certain political leaders, the Biden administration has been tremendously active on the immigration system, issuing at least 296 executive orders in the last year and a half.

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Major changes during the Biden administration

According to research, Biden has made prominent changes primarily on:

  • Restrictive policies of the Trump administration.
  • Refugee and asylum seeker processing at the borders.
  • The Public Charge Rule.
  • Immigration law enforcement, restructuring priorities.
  • Temporary deportation relief programs such as TPS (Temporary Protected Status).
  • Legal immigration programs.
  • Processing immigration applications of all types to reduce backlogs and waiting times.

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Conjectures vs. what is really going on

When one does not really know what is going on, especially in an area as controversial as immigration, one can easily get carried away with political discussions that are not based on anything beyond mere personal conjecture.

Therefore, it is imperative to understand what are the most recent changes in the immigration system in order to have a successful process.

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The best way to protect your future

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