Biden’s Immigration Plan Could Work

Is Biden's immigration strategy working?

Is Biden’s immigration strategy working?

Biden’s new sponsorship program could change the course of immigration forever and open a path to needed immigration reform, experts say.

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Biden’s plan on the borders

A couple of weeks ago, the Biden administration unveiled a sponsorship plan for Venezuelan migrants, which has allowed hundreds of young Venezuelans to come to the US legally and have the opportunities they don’t have in their home country.

With the help of this program, which will allow the entry of at least 24,000 eligible Venezuelan migrants, irregular migration numbers from this Latin American country have dropped significantly in recent weeks.

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Experts see a promising future

Regarding Biden’s sponsorship plan, experts on the subject openly state, “I wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow they use this same humanitarian parole policy for Nicaraguans, maybe in the future for Cubans. And instead of allowing people to apply for asylum at the border, it would be like, ‘No, you cannot do that, you can only come through this program.’ It may be the future trend on immigration.”

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Give yourself the opportunity to have a smooth immigration journey

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