President Biden plans to let Trump's restriction on H-1B visas expire

Restriction on employment visas on grounds of health emergency

The sudden arrival of the global Coronavirus pandemic to the North American territory, and its particularly massive outbreak in the US, allowed then-President Donald Trump to restrict immigration almost completely and implement unconventional measures that substantially limited alternatives available to foreigners. With this, we refer to all kinds of populations, from asylum seekers and refugees, to highly qualified foreign workers and international students.

It is no secret that the Trump administration wanted to reduce immigration at all costs, both illegal and legal. This goal led to the implementation of more than 400 changes to the immigration system through different executive actions such as memoranda or presidential proclamations.

To give a specific example related to business immigration, in June 2020, using the health crisis as support, former President Trump issued a moratorium on the issuance of H-1B visas until the end of 2020. This visa program allows American or US-based companies to hire highly skilled foreign workers in important sectors such as science, technology, engineering and research.

At the time, former President Trump argued that suspending the issuance of H-1B Visas would protect American workers in times of crisis and the economy, a premise that has been contradicted multiple times since then.

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Trump extended restriction on H-1B visas at the last minute

After the American population elected Democratic nominee Joe Biden as the country’s 46th president in November 2020, former President Trump still had several decisions to make until Biden took office in late January 2021.

In early January, as one of his last actions as president, Trump extended the restriction on H-1B visas until March 31, 2021 on grounds of health emergency. This rule also affected other immigration processes such as the issuance of Green Cards or Lawful Permanent Residence, programs available to relatives of H-1B Visa holders and L visas for inter-company transfers.

President Biden may let Trump’s restriction on H-1B visas expire

Trump’s restriction on H-1B visas for highly skilled foreign workers is scheduled to expire today March 31 and President Joe Biden does not plan to extend this restriction but has not made any public announcements either, instead his administration is currently evaluating viable alternatives to improve the immigration system and use talent from abroad to boost the local economy.

This decision by the current administration of the US undoubtedly opens a door of hope for immigrant communities and for foreign workers who have been stranded due to restrictions put in place by former President Trump.

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