Biden Reverses Trump Order Related to Immigrant Healthcare Services

Biden reverses immigrant health care services rule

Biden reverses immigrant health care services rule

Each government has priorities, goals, and sectors that it focuses on more than others. For instance, immigration has been absolutely essential for the last two administrations of the US, although both have a diametrically opposite stance. The current administration, headed by President Joe Biden, has a rather welcoming view of all kinds of immigrant communities, including undocumented foreigners.

The Biden administration plans to remove as many restrictions as possible, most of which were implemented by the previous administration, in order to pave the way and promote the first comprehensive immigration reform in decades. This would definitely change the approach of the government and federal entities to immigration and the future of foreigners in the US.

As part of his strategy, on Friday, May 14, 2021, President Biden revoked Presidential Proclamation 9945 (signed by former President Trump in 2019), which stated that immigration officials could reject certain applications if the individual could become a burden on the US healthcare system.

Broadly speaking, this proclamation prevented immigrants from obtaining visas if they did not have financial resources to cover their medical expenses in the US, have health insurance or access the health system. When removing this rule, President Biden stated that, in order to protect the American population, it is not necessary to exclude vulnerable immigrant communities, but rather that objective can be achieved “without barring the entry of noncitizens who seek to immigrate lawfully to this country but who lack significant financial means or have not purchased health insurance coverage from a restrictive list of qualifying plans”.

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Trump’s effort to restrict immigration

The previous administration, headed by former President Donald Trump, always had a fairly restrictive stance on immigration in general and tried to reduce immigration levels in the US by all possible means, hindering existing processes, increasing eligibility requirements, lengthening waiting times, reducing alternatives available to the most vulnerable immigrant populations, inter alia.

The Trump administration’s goal was to restrict immigration and pave the way to implement a merit-based immigration system, setting aside humanitarian programs or the responsibility to provide international assistance to communities that need it most.

To achieve this goal, the previous administration’s strategy was to implement strict policies, often labeled as “arbitrary and capricious”, to narrow viable paths for foreigners. With this, we refer to the fact that Trump’s rules and policies limited all kinds of immigration processes, from options based on employment or study for highly qualified foreigners, to alternatives for asylum seekers, refugees and relatives of American citizens or LPRs ( Lawful Permanent Residents).

Now is the time to seek professional help

Now that the Biden administration is acting on the immigration system and several processes are changing thanks to its intervention and because the health risk related to the global Coronavirus pandemic has already decreased considerably, immigration is gradually returning to normal.

Therefore, when starting an immigration process of any kind, it is essential to seek reliable help and follow the advice of experts who are up to date with the most recent changes in local immigration policies.

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