Biden Explains his Immigration Plan in the ‘Build Back Better’ Agenda

Biden unveils immigration plan in spending framework

Biden unveils immigration plan in spending framework

On Thursday, October 28, President Biden unveiled his ‘Build Back Better’ agenda, which includes an immigration section to be passed through the reconciliation process in the Senate.

Broadly speaking, the reconciliation process would allow the Biden administration to receive a positive response to its budget package by requiring only 51 votes in the Senate.

In other words, the current administration would bypass the Republican filibuster and enact immigration reform through reconciliation, as long as the Democratic Caucus is united.

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What are Biden’s plans regarding immigration?

President Biden explained, “The framework will also improve and reform our broken immigration system consistent with the Senate’s reconciliation rules”.

Within the spending framework, President Biden proposes to invest about $100 billion to:

  • Offer permanent relief from deportation to millions of undocumented immigrants or certain visa holders, provided they meet certain eligibility requirements.
  • Streamline existing immigration processes to reduce the backlog of immigration cases across the US.
  • Improve humanitarian processes such as political asylum and refuge.
  • Expand legal immigration routes.

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This proposal comes after the Senate Parliamentarian’s intervention

President Biden is releasing this proposal in the midst of a giant immigration-related controversy in Congress due to the Senate Parliamentarian’s recent ruling regarding the immigration language in the budget package.

Broadly speaking, the Senate Parliamentarian twice rejected the immigration proposals included in the spending bill by Democratic leaders, stating that it is not entirely a budgetary issue.

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Several immigration proposals are on the table

It is important to mention that, apart from Biden’s agenda, there are currently several immigration bills under congressional review, both in the House of Representatives and the Senate, which also propose to open a path to citizenship for certain undocumented foreigners.

Thus, both Democratic leaders and the Biden administration are attempting to enact immigration reform by any means possible and this could be a new beginning for immigrant communities in the US.

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